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Saturday, April 01, 2006

the past two fantastic days

anyway, last night kristina and her roommate barabra had a house party...amazing fun even though i didn't drink! we made smoothies all night, which was so fun, and hannah, another american who's just fabulous, made SALSA WITH CILANTRO. there is cilantro on this island, people! i've missed it so. such a great night.

and today i went to the beach! hannah rented a car so she could go surfing in Raglan, and i tagged along. i know, i said not ten entries ago i don't like the beach, but i'm coming around. i swam in the ocean and played in the waves for the first real time since i almost drowned at 10 years old, and exorcised my pacific ocean demons. it was such a wonderful time.

then, on the way back to hamilton, we stopped at Bridal Veil Falls...i can't actually put into words how beautiful it was. my pictures will just have to do some talking.


view from the top of the fall, 55 meters down.


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don't falldeded in the waters slub

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