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Thursday, May 18, 2006

pondering the end of the semester

went to the Sahara Tent in town tonight with a slew of friends. SUCH amazing food...i think i'm going to go live in Turkey so i can eat that kind of food everyday until i never want to see it again. course, that probably isn't possible.

everynight, though, that i spend with my friends, i can't help but remember that we're one day closer to end of semester, and that means kristina, ina, martin, romain, hannah, annie...just about EVERYONE that has so made my year in new zealand so far will be leaving. and worse, mateja is going home at semesters end as well, as she doesn't feel like she should stay in nz as she still has no major, and the new major she's thinking of (elementary ed) won't work to try to take classes here. plus, south dakota state doesn't think they'll accept her credits she's done here. so nathalie and i will be the SOLE year long residents of flat 6B. it makes me too sad to think about. there will be SERIOUS drinkage the night the last one leaves. i wish they'd all just leave on the same day, to get it out of the way.

it's not fair having to say goodbye to people, yet again.


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