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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

assignments, finals and what-not

bounced thru my History final, so yay no more NZ History! i feel pretty good about it.

so thinking about my future again (and the far future to boot), i'm pretty sure i'll be able to graduate from NAU totally on time...just means i'm gonna have to load up my schedule with at least two 18 credit semesters and a 16 credit sememster (and that's if my Philosophy class transfers...if not, i'll have two 18s and a 19). 'course i could always take a winter or summer online class, but if i'm taking 18 or 19 credit hours in a sememster, i'll likely be pretty damned burnt out by the time winter or summer breaks come 'round.

buh-dum bum.

i also finally picked up all my assignments from the end of the sememster. i got a B- on my Philosophy quiz, a B on my Chinese final exam and a B+ on my History term paper. woo woo.


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