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Monday, November 27, 2006

i love Xmas!

though Thanksgiving is groovy for the gluttony of it all, xmas comes! and love! love love love...we've got most of our outside lights up, and as per usual, we are the best on the street. inside comes next, which means i get to put up my tree! yay! and my mother will despense in putting lights up on anything that will hold still long enough (which includes her children and our dogs).

anymore Xmas card requests? i'll screen comments again, i don't need your real name if you don't want to give it, just a name your mail carrier won't be confused by, and your address.


Anonymous zoe said...

Though I hate Christmas really ... pick me pick me!

Zoe Kemsley
10 Dalton Drive
Papamoa Beach
Tauranga 3118

It won't get here until February or something now probably hehe

Let me know yours too, I have a card for you also
email it if you want

11:26 PM


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