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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Annie and my 21st, Kiwi style

it's a treasured Kiwi tradition to throw a big shindig for a 21st, in much the way you do at home despite the difference in drinking age. Annie and I decided (her 21st being 1 november) to throw a double one, that would also act as our leaving party (but please, God, don't remind me that i have to go...) and today, after calling 'round to bars and clubs, we booked a space at the Handle Bar on 3 November for our party! there's no hiring fee, but we will put a tab on the bar and get a couple food platters for our nearest and dearest! it's going to be so much fun!

in other news, our weekend trip to Steve's house in the Coromandel was a blast. the weather wasn't as ideal as it was the last time we were there, but it was definately still a good time. Hannah and I boogeyboarded out on the ocean, and went farther out than we were comfortable with thanks to no inward tide and an awesome wind the other way, so it was a forty five minute swim back to the beach. but what'll you do? i'd LOVE it if i could go back up there before i go home, but there probably won't be time. planning trips to Taupo, Rotorua and Wellington in the weeks after i finish classes and before i fly home.

only 3 more weeks of classes! i can't freaking believe it!

Sunday, September 10, 2006


i got two marks back this week. ahem:

for my midterm Chinese exam: B
for my Psychology book review of Cunt: A+!

i'm v.v.v. excited about that last one, as i have the right to be. i think i did pretty well on the exam for my Gender at Work class i took on Thursday, but we'll see sometime this week, I'd imagine.

i still don't have access to my marks from last semester, however. i emailed my NAU advisor, but NAU won't recieve anything from Waikato until the end of the year. so i think I'll have to go to the departments if i want to know before November. but I think i'm in good shape for this semester, so far anyway!

Sunday, September 03, 2006

annnd, break is over...

so i accomplished most of the things this break i needed to. i haven't studied much for my G@W test, but i have looked at the questions, and it shouldn't be too big a deal. my Chinese test is way more important. and i didn't do my psychology journal, because i just couldn't be bothered. oh well. i did, however, decide to not persue a trip of any sorts after my time in NZ is over...i'd rather spend the money i'd need for that on getting a rental space with Annie for a collaborative 21st party. plus then i'll be able to go home and have a few days of chill time, then look for a job to start around Thanksgiving, if people are hiring. you'd think they would be, wouldn't you? we'll have to see.

on a way more awesome note, i drove my mate Matt's Suzuki scooter today for a couple minutes. holy. cow. so. freaking. fun. i want a scooter. no, seriously, Mommy, i don't need a car. a scooter is it. it's such power betwixt my legs, bwhaha.