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Thursday, April 20, 2006


i'm about to cry. i mean seriously bawl.

i was nearly finished with the longest entry EVER that detailed my entire South Island trip thus far, and the PIECE OF SHIT COMPUTER i'm working on at this Internet Cafe DELETED IT. and LJ Autosave is no help.


needless to say, i'm having a FABULOUS time, and everyone will just have to wait for my full update a little longer.

kisses, everyone.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

what a bust


americans must be glutunious with fireworks as with everything else, cause i felt majorly disapointed with the fireworks show. it lasted all of about 5 minutes. wtf? and the balloons inflated, but didn't take off...i guess if they're launching fireworks, balloons in the air aren't a good idea, but couldn't they have shot them the other side of the lake or something?


going to watch grey's anatomy with nathalie and annie then. boo, hiss, balloons over waikato!

Friday, April 07, 2006

of realisations and pub-crawling on a budget

i am really am starting to think it's absolutely imparitive to have friends outside my flatmates. don't get me wrong, i love them to death, but i live with them, i can't hang out with them ALL the time.

so last night, i didn't. i went to a campus bar with ceren and kimbrough (woo! for Don's...cheap cheap drinks! handles of beer only 3.50! woo, again i say!), then to town to pub-hop. i have four different stamps on my arm now from four different clubs, and i discovered that kiwi's really REALLY like the "I would walk 500 miles..." song. tehee.

tonight is the last night of the Balloons over Waikato festival, and i'm going with some Kiwi friends, and maybe ceren and kimbrough again, and possibly mateja and kristina.

oh well. i'm off to the gym (yay healthy living after cheap beer!) and then i have to get ready for hot air balloons galore!

Saturday, April 01, 2006

the past two fantastic days

anyway, last night kristina and her roommate barabra had a house party...amazing fun even though i didn't drink! we made smoothies all night, which was so fun, and hannah, another american who's just fabulous, made SALSA WITH CILANTRO. there is cilantro on this island, people! i've missed it so. such a great night.

and today i went to the beach! hannah rented a car so she could go surfing in Raglan, and i tagged along. i know, i said not ten entries ago i don't like the beach, but i'm coming around. i swam in the ocean and played in the waves for the first real time since i almost drowned at 10 years old, and exorcised my pacific ocean demons. it was such a wonderful time.

then, on the way back to hamilton, we stopped at Bridal Veil Falls...i can't actually put into words how beautiful it was. my pictures will just have to do some talking.


view from the top of the fall, 55 meters down.