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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

oh, how i HEART eddie izzard!

so this is more or less how i'll be occupying my time now i'm done with school...

Sunday, October 22, 2006

papers, bumper guards and cherry beer, oh my!

today was fairly productive. i'm pretty sure both my final papers will be done and ready to hand in by this time tomorrow, should i stay focused. i shall prevail! i'm going to go over both word count limits, but i don't care, so long as i get them in by 4:30 Tuesday afternoon.

this evening has been divine. Nath cooked dinner for me, Hannah and Paulien, which was delicious, and a bit of a surprise for me since i didn't realize i was joining them until Nath had lopped food on a plate and called me to the table. and during dinner we had such funny conversations, all of them totally irrelavent to anyone else, but so much fun at the time, and sidesplittingly funny. i love those times, it's such an intimate memory that only you will ever truly understand why it was so great.

after dinner, Chang came by and told us that my darling face Mima was going through a rough patch the last couple of days, so me and him took her into town and went bowling at SkyCity! we played two games, and the first I got a whopping score of 8...so Mima went and requested the bumper guards to ensure no more gutter balls for any of us! the next game I got my highest score ever, 119, but the granduer is a little lessened when you have child-provention appartuses up. hehe, it was still an absolute blast and a half.

after my epic game, we went to Le Dome for Hoegaarten (white beer) and Kriek (cherry beer, and the love of my life...it tastes like Sangria with hops, it's divine) and just had a good chat. I love Chang and Mima soooo much! they may be two of my favourite people in the world. and i love my girls, too, so damn much! i want to remember these times as the wonderful times that are fleeting and sweet, and not be sad about them in the coming few months.

we'll see how that turns out.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

tattooed freaky freak! as foamy would say...

i'm done with psychology of women! just put the finishing touches on my journal, and am going to turn it in tomorrow when i go to K-block to talk with Carolyn about my Researching Gender paper. i only have two more New Zealand assignments left before i'm done with school. and today was officially the one month mark of my time left in New Zealand. one month from right now I'll be somewhere over the Pacific Ocean, on my flight home. i can't believe how fast it's gone. it's been so much faster than i ever imagined it would go.

well, this is where i explain the picture attached to this entry...it's, obviously, my new tattoo. the tragedy, apparently, in waiting so long between tattoos is you forget how much they hurt. this one definately was mighty unpleasant, but very worth it. i love that i'm going to take a little piece of Kiwana home with me! this is, for those perhaps unfamiliar, a NZ silver fern, only obviously done in black as you can't really do silver ink for tattoos, nor do i think you'd want to. it's pretty much the official emblem of NZ, and i think it turned out fabulously. i'll have to wear my hair up a lot while it heals, but it's nothing i haven't dealt with before.

Happy Early 21st Birthday to me!

Saturday, October 14, 2006

tenative schedule for the 16-24 October, 2006

Monday: Will write Psychology journal, and submit it. Hurrah, done with Psych! Will also hopefully meet with Carolyn about my paper for my Researching Gender class.

Tuesday: Tattoo day! Booked in at Famous Dave's at two o'clock! It's going to be so great.

Wednesday: Hash out some of my paper for Gender at Work. Like seriously, start writing!

Thursday: Will definately have talked to Carolyn by then, and will hash more through that paper.

Friday: Annie and Hannah will hopefully still have a car, and there's been discussion of going to Raglan for the day. Woo!

Saturday: Gender at Work paper.

Sunday: Researching Gender paper. Oh, and Happy 21st, Zac Hanson!

Monday: NZ Labour Day! But no time for bbqs or beer that day, will undoubtedly be writing last minute citations and conclusions for my papers!!!

Tuesday: Due day! Ahhhhhh! But then I'm done with an amazing year of schooling in NZ. My birthday party and traveling then awaits! How glorious it will all be!

Saturday, October 07, 2006

have to earn a degree, after all, yes?

i signed up for CJ360, Women, Crime and Justice as an online class from December 18-January 12th. figure it'll give me a head start on getting myself back in line for school at home. plus, it's a class I'm supposed to take for my major, and it might cross reference for my minor as well. we shall see. might just mean a bit less pressure on my graduation deadline.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

no more Thursdays!

i just completed my last Hellish Thursday! no more 9-5 Thursdays for this girl! of course, i'm not even close to in the clear...i have two tests next week, a journal, a 2000 word report and a 4000 word report to get through before school is over and out of my hair. but i am OH-SO happy to not have any more Hellish Thursdays! for a while, anyway...