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Monday, November 27, 2006

i love Xmas!

though Thanksgiving is groovy for the gluttony of it all, xmas comes! and love! love love love...we've got most of our outside lights up, and as per usual, we are the best on the street. inside comes next, which means i get to put up my tree! yay! and my mother will despense in putting lights up on anything that will hold still long enough (which includes her children and our dogs).

anymore Xmas card requests? i'll screen comments again, i don't need your real name if you don't want to give it, just a name your mail carrier won't be confused by, and your address.

Friday, November 24, 2006

Taupo pics

Wellington pictures

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

slept like crap, as i expected, but hopefully my tiredness will work to my advantage when i'm on the bus to Welly tonight, and maybe i'll sleep then. got up and showered at 7, went to the bakery and town to get groceries for tonight, and then went to the Uni library to return a book and then to the FIC to pick up my marked G@W report...i got an A- on it! how, i don't know, cause i don't think i really deserved it, but it's not like i'm going to dispute a good mark. took a few pictures around campus, and then finished getting everything in my room sorted...nothing's left in it! i'm definately on top of things, the only thing that is mildly annoying is that Jess was supposed to come this morning to get my clothes, and hasn't shown or texted to say whether she's still coming. but as we're going to Bridal Veil and Raglan at noon, i've given up on her, and am going to instead give them to Sam, the StudVille assistant manager, who said she'd drop them off at the Salvation Army on her way home. so ha, poo on Jess for not being on top of things.

but Welly tonight! i'm so excited to finally get down there!

my last night in Cellblock 6

i toasted tonight with Nath and Hannah to my very last night in my StudVille room. a tiny part of me wants to chain myself to the bed so i won't have to leave. my room is no longer the room it became in my nine months here, because everything is off my walls, out of my closet and clear of the drawers. Talia will check me out tomorrow from my little room that i've come to love, and i'll take my name off it forever, likely never to set foot back in Cellblock 6. i wrote something under the desk and signed my name, but this time tomorrow, this will cease to be my room.

i really hope i can sleep tonight, because i have a huge day tomorrow. but sleeping in a room so lonely as this one will be difficult. wish me luck.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Another To-Do List

oh, yes, and i'm getting freakishly overwhelmed with all the shit i have to do before i can turn in my key, have Talia inspect my room, and (hopefully) get my bond back from Student Village. thus far, this includes all of the following:

1. Book Wellington hostel.
2. Call Maori Village in Rotorua, and book bus there (and then to Taupo, and then back to Hamilton).
3. Finish packing room (all clothes, knicknacks, papers, books, etc. must be in a box or suitcase to be taken to Annie's, where I'll be stashing my stuff while I travel).
4. Have Talia check me out, and return my key.
5. Give clothes I no longer want to Jess, or to the Salvation Army.
6. Send a box home of books, papers and some filler clothes.
7. Go to the Bridal Veil falls with the Van Gang (my last van trip in NZ!)
8. Go to the grocery store and bakery to buy food for Wednesday night dinner.
9. Cook meal for Wednesday night for me, Nath, Hannah, Paulien, Steve, Seval, Chang, Mima, Matt and Talia (and possibly Mima and Chang's flatmate Sabina).
10. Leave StudVille (for the last time) by 9:30 to catch my bus to Welly.

after that, I swear I'm on top of things.

Friday, November 03, 2006

the 21st partay

well well well. last night. well well.

my downfall was probably the fact that straight away, i was stressed out. Annie, Nath, Seval and I went to the bar early to decorate, and as per usual, Annie was a mess. she forgot her wallet with her money for the tab, her DVD of family pictures, her book for people to sign, pretty much everything she was supposed to bring, and so was panicking trying to get people to bring all of that. i put my money on the tab and paid for the platters and gave them the cakes i baked for the two of us, and started blowing up balloons, which were popping nearly as fast as we tied them because, well, it's a bar, and there's tiny traces of broken glass on the floor. then my computer (which i had a panic about because i didn't think i needed to bring it to display our powerpoint--luckily i left my door open and Hannah grabbed it) didn't accept the output feed for the pulldown screen. we ended up just setting it on a table with Annie's book and my little poster we had people sign, with a sign on it to not have any drinks around it. nothing got spilled, thank god, my Lullabelle soldiers on.

people started arriving, though, and the party got in full swing, and after a tequila shot and a beer, i loosened up and had a fantastic night. it went by so quickly, all of a sudden they brought out the platters and cakes, our friends sung, and people started speeches.

anyone who knows me knows how much i talk; i never shut up when i'm wasted, apparently.

and i get really loud (louder than normal, which is impressive), because i was definately loosing my voice by the end of the night.

and i get really lovey. i professed my undying love to about a dozen people.

by the time Nath and Hannah made me go home, i was totally wasted and in the state i wrote the last entry in. by my count i had three tequila shots (though Seval swears it was four), though i have no idea how much beer i had. i had six before the bar, i bought two (i think), and Matt and Zoe and possibly someone else bought me one each. since i was running around so much talking with everyone, i kept losing track of my drinks, so i definately started grabbing any that tasted like Speights and may have been mine. yeah.

but i did not throw up! i definately did wake up still drunk, but sobered up after an hour or so. i'm not feeling too hungover, just groggy and i'm pretty sure i'll sleep really well tonight.