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Sunday, August 20, 2006

Well can't you see that it's just raining
there ain't no need to go outside...
But Baby, You hardly even notice
when I try to show you
this song is meant to keep ya
from doing what you're supposed to
waking up too early
Maybe we can sleep in
make you banana pancakes
pretend like it's the weekend now

And we can pretend it all the time, yeah
Can't you see that it's just raining
there ain't no need to go outside

Thursday, August 17, 2006

they freaking got me.

at some point, i knew my flatmates would prank me back. so i've been hyper vigilant in the shower, in my room, etc.

however, apparently i left my keys in the door last night (which one, i don't really remember), and erlend and hannah snagged them and put them in the money jar, filled it with water and froze it.

a pretty good one, i admit. but they're gonna pay.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006


waikato uni's midsemester break has fallen for this lucky exchange student. while TECHNICALLY a "spring break", i've got lots of shit to do. a-hem.

1. Finish reading Cunt and write a book review for it by next Wednesday (the due date WAS friday, but I asked for and got an extension)
2. Revise and seriously study Chinese (have test Monday 4 September)
3. Study for a Gender @ Work test (Thursday 7 September)
4. Conduct research for Researching Gender project
5. Meet with my group member for our G@W project (twice)
6. Catch up on Psych Journal (remember my kudos to myself when I was on top of that? yeah, that went to hell)

plus at some point during the break, nath, annie and hannah and i are planning a three day trip to Whakatane/White Island in the Bay of Plenty.

so i need to be muchos productivo these next weeks, people!

Monday, August 14, 2006

they'll never be able to separate Jekyll from Hyde...

a local production company is putting on Jekyll and Hyde, a show my brother got me hooked on a few years back...tickets are going for 20-45 dollars, and i won't have to drive to bloody Arvada to see it!!! i think i've convinced one, if not two of my flatmates to go, so hurrah!

also, we placed fourth in the Don's QuizNite quiz tonight. not bad. but the bar manager, who knows us well by now, agreed to give us a bar tab if you plant flyers for some sort of Don's compition thingy...heh, easy beer!

Saturday, August 12, 2006

tidiness! couples! traveling! oh my!

we did a massive flat cleaning since, apparently, we no longer recieve the services of a house-keeper...it looks way nicer than if she'd done it anyway, so there. i even cleaned my room, and took pictures...i'll put them up soon, once i get some good shots of my flatties "living" in our tidy, tidy flat!!!

paulien and steve are on their way to bona fide coupledom, which is incredibly cute. it's a little strange that steve's appeared to get over Kristin so quick, but they never really were a "couple". anyway, it's cute and i'm happy for them. as for me, nothing has looked promising...the stupid boy from michigan from last semester spoiled me for guys anyway. so piss it.

study break is coming up soon! i think a trip to White Island, off the coast of Whakatane in the Bay of Plenty is in the works...other than that, not much else...since I don't have finals, i'm going to plan my trip to Taupo for late October, then down to Wellington. steve's talking a Coromandel trip again in September, and then a van trip to the Bay of Islands (north north North Island) before Annie and I fly home...shit...not thinking about that. this semester is racing along so damn quick!!! eeeeee!

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

prank war

a prank war was called in the flat recently. okay, i totally instigated it. so far, i have:

startled hannah more times than i can count.
thrown cold water on hannah while she was in the shower (erlend did the same thing right after).
changed all the entries in hannah's facebook profile.
put a plastic weta in hannah's bed (unfortunately, she didn't find it before i fessed up).
put the weta in paulien's shoe.
stolen about six pair of erlend's underwear (he hasn't asked about them yet).
stolen nathalie's pillow.

so i may be in for comeupance. but it's been a good run, and i'm coming up with new ideas as i write this.

heh. i feel so deliciously evil.

Friday, August 04, 2006

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