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Sunday, May 28, 2006

ow ow, my eyes!

my eyes are definately getting worse. i don't know why, since i just got new glasses and contacts in february. it's v.v.v. annoying.

i'm going to the eye doctor nathalie went to this week. she says that i can get most of it covered thru uni insurance, and if my eyes are worse, like i'm 90% positive they are, i'll see if they can just replace the lenses in my glasses, since i love the frames. hopefully NZ has transistions technology.

end rant, and back to homework.

Thursday, May 25, 2006


went to see The Da Vinci Code last night with nathalie, and it was definately worth the 14.50 i paid to get in. stooopid blockbuster pricing. but yes, worth it. as per usual with movies made from books i covet, there are things i would have done differently had i been behind the camera calling the shots, but that's the bit of my brother in me. poor nath, though, english isn't her first language as i usually forget cause she speaks so well and only reads and writes in english, but there was a lot of terms and such in it that she didn't understand...so i explained a LOT of things to her during and after.

"i think i need to see it with dutch subtitles. or english ones would have helped."

course, she was one of the 12 people on the planet who hasn't read the book, so she's going to warehouse after her class to buy it. which, yay, after she's done, i can read it! *dances* then hopefully it'll come to campus movies, where i can pay 6 dollars to see it. *dances again*

it's nice doing things with nath, since soon it's just gonna be us. *sad face*

we did find out where our new flatmates are going to be from, or four of the five anyway. there will be another guy from germany, and then three girls from england, norway and turkey. norwegians are taking over my life.

i heart them, tho. so yay. i just hope these ones are on par the boys and mateja and annie and kristina and our crazy germans.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

the first to see the sun

Gisborne is the eastern most city in NZ, and one of the first cities in the WORLD where the sun rises in the morning because of its proximity to the International Dateline. nathalie, annie, mateja, kristina and i just got back from camping there for the weekend.

so my title says it all, folks. i was one of the first people in the WORLD to see the sun come up on Sunday, May 21st, 2006.

pictures to come.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

pondering the end of the semester

went to the Sahara Tent in town tonight with a slew of friends. SUCH amazing food...i think i'm going to go live in Turkey so i can eat that kind of food everyday until i never want to see it again. course, that probably isn't possible.

everynight, though, that i spend with my friends, i can't help but remember that we're one day closer to end of semester, and that means kristina, ina, martin, romain, hannah, annie...just about EVERYONE that has so made my year in new zealand so far will be leaving. and worse, mateja is going home at semesters end as well, as she doesn't feel like she should stay in nz as she still has no major, and the new major she's thinking of (elementary ed) won't work to try to take classes here. plus, south dakota state doesn't think they'll accept her credits she's done here. so nathalie and i will be the SOLE year long residents of flat 6B. it makes me too sad to think about. there will be SERIOUS drinkage the night the last one leaves. i wish they'd all just leave on the same day, to get it out of the way.

it's not fair having to say goodbye to people, yet again.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Romain's birthday party pictures

pictures from the Coromandel weekend

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

punakaiki and the pancake rocks


kaikoura and picton

south island pictures--Christchurch

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

weeks prognosis

academic prognosis for this, the first week of May 2006:

monday: remember what i'm actually doing in new zealand: studying. wears avs jersey to celebrate playoff victory. go to history class and workshop, brief visit to the library to put a hold on the historical survey by Phillipa Mein Smith, and look into books from the Philosophy section that will help me with PHIL250 midterm paper. spend night, not necessarily studying, but watching Grey's Anatomy at Kristina's with Kristina, Annie and Nathalie.

tuesday: realize really must get the marked assignments from the FIC that have been there since before the break. have gotten A- on PHIL quiz on Locke (score, especially since i thought i bombed it), 19 out of 20 on History assignment (score, as i knew i OWNED that thing), A- on second round of Chinese workbook practice, and a solid B on my first Chinese test in almost two years (score, double score). find out book checked out from library will probably be no help. intimidated by the new Chinese tutor, who's mighty intense for such a small woman. gloat viciously that first-place detroit did not survive first round of playoffs, and 7th place avs did. gloat viciously a little more. sit in on a UN lecture in Jess, Alex and Tracey's 20th Century World History class, and wish i had taken that class instead of NZ History. realize i REALLY need to write this paper for PHIL (only about 1800 words...eeep). have dinner and sit down to gather sources for PHIL paper. write in LiveJournal/Blogger. will start PHIL paper, i swear.

wednesday: will write PHIL paper, i swear. 30% of grade. must write paper. have no choice. will also crash 20th Century World History again to hear lecture about women's and civil rights movements.

thursday: will turn in PHIL paper by 4:30 with feeling that I OWNED this paper. will decide on topic for History paper, and spend time in NZ Collection gathering materials for my proposal.

friday: will write my proposal and send it to History prof before noon. i swear.

long term prognosis: some stress, but level remains middling, at best.

treatment: weekend at the Coromandel Peninsula, where will not have to pay for accomodation or petrol...will contribute a pot of chili to the venture to show greatfulness to steve's parents.