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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

chinese and psychology

last night, Hannah and I went for a Chinese dinner with a friend of hers whose birthday it was...apparently, this was a "traditional" Chinese meal...not at all like the horror stories I've heard, those obviously, once I get to China, i'll really know. but i have it on pretty good authority of the guy from China who set it up that it was closer to the real deal than most things, obviously. my friend from slovakia, Lizzie, is making my jealous with her pics from China...she's in Beijing studying. i am definately up for a trip there sometime soon. i have to admit, though, i miss the White Paper boxes of Chinese Wonder that are the American norm. sniff. and Chipotle.

on the school front, i'm acutally keeping myself in good standing for my Psych of Women class. go me! now if I can just apply myself that much for Chinese...think i can get extra credit for the meal last night? anyone? anyone?

i love Wednesdays...they're the best and easiest day of my week. i'm now done, and can gear myself up for the crap day that is thursday. at least then my week is over!!!

Sunday, July 23, 2006

much better tonight.

went to waingaro hot pools with studville...yeah, not the best i've been to, but it was free, so what'll you do?

saw nath and annie's australia video they made, and watched the Wedding Singer with nath, annie and paulien. it's been a great night, perfect to make up for yesterday. i do really love my new flatties, and though it certainly won't be the same, i'm glad i have the emotions out and dealt with. you'd think of all people to repress emotion, me, a freaking psychologist's daughter would not be one of them. eh, what'll you do?

i feel better now, and that's what matters presently. goodnight, all.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

no longer in denial

it only took me two weeks after the last person to leave new zealand (mateja) left to realize that they aren't coming back. A Semester is over, and i won't be going to kristina and hannah's for grey's anatomy, i won't see martin and romain at breakfast, i won't travel with erin, kristin and ina again, and mateja will no longer be there to wish me sweet dreams at night.

i wish i didn't hold this back for so long. i think it may hurt even more now. i hate having to say goodbye. i miss them so much now.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

dude, that's just LAME-AS

merriam webster online charges to look up words now. lame-as! i am ver ver unimpressed.

and the space cadet award goes to...

...me. so what the hell else is new?

i got up early for my 9am tutorial, and instead of hopping into my gym clothes to go to class in and then the gym afterwards, i got in the shower and didn't realize my mistake until i had shampoo in my hair. and my new shampoo smells good, so screw rinsing it and going to the gym anyway...i might go tonight, if i can convince myself to.

i was also the ONLY person in the tutorial. it was nice having one-on-one time with chinese, but i think i'll just bite the bullet and go to the thursday one, adding one more class to my already hectic thursday load. oh well. fridays off will be that much more well deserved.

Friday, July 14, 2006

i freaking hate snakes...

...and I'm REALLY disturbed how many news story i'm seeing about people finding them in places like cars and airplanes.

new zealand, however, is a snake-free zone. haha. i KNEW there was a reason i love this country so damn much. any country that's completely snakeless is utopia in my book. oh, wait. new zealand IS utopia.

Waikato is (hopefully) going to offer a Masters degree in Women and Gender Studies starting next year. if they work it out, i'm SO coming back here once i finish my BA! i don't care what loans i have to take out to get back here, if the program is offered, I'M THERE!

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Semester B pictures

Monday, July 10, 2006


Annie and Nath brought me back from Australia a liter bottle of Bailey's (sweet-as!) and a wee little wombat. hee. He's to be known as Wilson.

start of B Semester

so officially everyone from last semester who was meant to go home has gone. it's sad, but it hasn't really sunk in, so i save the right to post a blubbering post of sadness when it does. oddly, annie is not leaving...she's staying at least through the next semester! yay! she and nath got back from australia last night. my flat is full again!

Semester B 6B Flatmates:
-Paulien (Holland)
-Hannah (England)
-Erlend (Norway)
-Maik (Germany)
-Seval (Turkey)

so we're a pretty diverse group again. i've been hanging around a lot with Paulien, Erlend and Hannah. we went to a comedy show last night at the Don. yay for the Don, as always contributing to my delinquency with cheap beer.

classes started yesterday, and i have my first Women's Studies class today in NZ! i'm so excited!!!

and i'll try to update a little more frequently.